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Welcome ! բարի գալուստ !



You have opened the english version of this blog called

„The Colour of Pomegranate – An Armenian View“

Here you will find my essays on Armenian questions.  The Ottoman-made genocide of Armenians around 1915 and the Turkish handling with the past are the main focus. In this context the Armenian and international actions, reactions and interests cannot be left out. The same applies to Syriac, Pontian and Greek victims of Christian faith and their claims.

You are invited to distribute these essays online with reference to the source.

Participation, questions and criticism are welcome.

I thank you for your interest and I hope that you find reading the essays rewarding.

Yours sincerely,
Jaklin Chatschadorian.

No.1      About unspeakable meetings and the lack of respect

No.2    The Indian writer …. and the Armenians

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